LIVE Service  –  Why we do it

LIVE Service focuses on minimising both unexpected power failure and potential electrical fire hazards in our customers facilities, with minimal disruption to daily routines and operations.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance is the most cost-effective protection against sudden power failure and power quality problems caused by today’s micro processor controlled equipment. MFM’s LIVE Service offers the best solution to testing critical cicuits and equipment. 

Created and developed by a leading international industry team seeking to apply a new and inovative approach to providing preventive  maintenance for electrical distribution systems, LIVE Service is distinguished by its professional and efficient dedication to serving its customers, which include Health Authorities, Fire & Police Services, Council / Govt. Buildings.

LIVE Service enhances its customers productivity and profitability by reducing business and facility downtime, as well as assisting in the reduction of electricity consumption and the potential of an electrical fire.

Utilising LIVE Service’s predictive and proactive maintenance system, MFM Group Ltd will assist you and your business in:

  • Reducing Business Interuption Costs / Fire Risk
  • Extending Equipment Life
  • Minimising Electricity Costs
  • Reducing the Cost of Repairs
  • Minimising Power Quality Issues
  • Minimising Facility Life/Safety Risks 

LIVE Service – How We Do It

Combining state of the art engineering with unmatched management tools, we can ensure

Energised Electrical Testing & Diagnostics

  • Inspection of the electrical system components
  • True RMS Voltage and Current Testing
  • Instantaneous Harmonics Distortion Testing
  • Infrared Thermographic Imaging
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Power Factor Testing
  • Voltage Drop (Contacts)
  • Phase Balance Testing

Electrical Systems Analysis Report

LIVE Service makes comprehensive documentation available in both hardcopy form or on disc.

MFM will;

  • Compile and analyse the results of all inspections and tests to determine the condition of your electrical components
  • Present to you the resulting Electrical Systems Analysis Report which, if appropriate will include:
  • Any recommended repairs and costs,
  • Opportunities to reduce utility costs,
  • Recommendations to improve life/safety conditions and to minimise the risk of downtime.
  • Visual Inspection / Compliance report

BS7671 (17th Edition) Compliant

LIVE Service meets the test and inspection requirements of BS7671 and accompanying Guidance Notes 3. Major insurers also support LIVE testing as the most effective way of reducing the risk of an electrical fire.

A fixed annual cost for maintaining your Electrical Distribution System.

Working with BS7671 (17th Edition) in the 21st Century

In 2008 BS7671, which is the standard by which electrical testing is undertaken, was upgraded to be more ‘user friendly’. In the modern day workplace, we all rely on microprocessors, ‘red care’ circuits, and circuits labelled as ‘don’t switch off!’

This can introduce many difficulties when an electrical distribution system is due to be tested and inspected. Under the generally accepted method of de-energised testing, an increasing number of circuits are listed as ‘exclusions’ in the final report. Also, it is often necessary to carry out testing ‘out of hours’ which can be very costly to the client.

Below are some clauses and paragraphs from BS7671 (17th Edition) and accompanying Guidance Note 3 and solutions offered by LIVE Service.

Chapter 3.1 Paragraph 732-01-02 of the Guidance notes references ‘…an installation under effective supervision in normal use, periodic inspection and testing may be replaced by an adequate regime… ’.Reference is also made ‘Where testing requires dismantling, the tester should consider whether that the risks associated with dismantling, and particularly disconnection of cables and components, introduces a risk of unsatisfactory reassembly.’

And probably most importantly!

3.8.1 731-01-05 states ‘Periodic tests should be made in such a way as to minimise disturbance of the installation and inconvenience to the user.’

Just from these few examples it is easy to see how and why MFM’s LIVE Service makes sense (for more examples please ask for BS7671 Guidance Note 3 Comments). LIVE Service not only meets compliance requirements, it also offers the best method of inspecting the working efficiency of the electrical system and its associated equipment, thus offering a cost effective solution and an accurate appraisal of the working efficiency of the system.

LIVE Service can be used at any time to inspect Switchrooms, Control Panels, Distribution Boards, Isolators, Junction Boxes, Wire Troughs, Contactors, MCB’s / Breakers, Transformers, Bus Bar, Power Factor Equipment, Variable Frequency Drives and Motors.

By utilising state of the art equipment, LIVE Service can keep your Business in Business. We can help you meet your testing obligations and LIVE Service can offer further information that can assist in reducing electricity consumption, whilst improving equipment safety and energy efficiency.

Remember, when you switch equipment off, the potential problems cannot easily be detected. Ultrasonic anomalies and Infrared signatures do not register when components are de-energised. Any faults that could cause failure or fire will disappear. Costly ‘hot spots’ or overloaded circuits, may be missed when switched off.

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