Sustainability Policy Biodiversity Conservation & Corporate Social Responsibility:-

Due to the fast changing world we all live and trade in, it is imperative that any company keeps up to date with all current environmental issues, biodiversity conservation and including corporate social responsibility.

Biodiversity covers the entire variety of life on Earth, from mammals to micro-organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. As a company we take biodiversity conservation seriously, and aim to minimise any impact by our works to the absolute minimum. This is to aid conservation of threatened habitats and species. This also includes taking a responsible role towards social, cultural and economic values.

When carrying out environmental assessments, prior to any works being undertaken, ensures that we are aware of both the working site and the surrounding areas, so that we are able to make an assessment of any risk elements or impacts of our work on local habitats and wildlife. Should the occasion arise where there is a risk or impact to the environment by our works, this is assessed and recommended actions are put forward in order to avoid creating the risk in the first instance, or where this is not possible, to limit any impact to the absolute minimum.

Mannings Facilities Management Ltd is aware that conserving biodiversity is important to everyone and this can have positive benefits in a number of ways, namely:

  • Relationships with customers, communities may be improved by our engagement with biodiversity management and involvement;
  • Both our staff and our customers get satisfaction and gain enthusiasm from being involved with the local environment.

Our business does not exist in isolation. Our employees depend on us and customers, suppliers and the local community can all be affected by us and what we do. The way we carry out any works can have an impact on the environment.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means taking a responsible attitude to the work we carry out, how we carry this out and our approach regarding use of responsible suppliers and manufacturers. We endeavour to ensure the following:

  • To co-operate with the communities in which we operate;
  • Assess the impact our business may have on local communities;
  • To co-operate with the Government, regulatory bodies and other interested parties with the shared vision of being a good and trusted neighbour;
  • Avoid use of any suppliers or manufacturers who pollute the environment;
  • Treating our employees in a fair and responsible way.

We think that building a reputation as a responsible business sets us apart. We are aware that many customers prefer to buy from ethical businesses. We ourselves often favour suppliers who demonstrate responsible policies, as this helps us to minimise the risk of any damage to ours and their reputations.

Reducing waste and emissions doesn’t just help the environment – it saves money too. It’s not difficult to cut utility bills and waste disposal costs, which bring immediate cash benefits. There are other benefits too:

  • A good reputation makes it easier to recruit employees
  • Employees stay longer, reducing the costs and disruption of recruitment and retraining
  • Employees are better motivated and more productive
  • CSR helps ensures we comply with regulatory requirements
  • Good relationships with local authorities makes doing business easier

To ensure that our environment, biodiversity and corporate social responsibility policies are carried out, we provide all staff with suitable training and give engineers toolbox talks to cover these subjects and general environmental issues. This includes guidance on completing environmental risk assessments where necessary, making suitable arrangements to accommodate local issues, asking all staff to be aware of their surrounding areas and being proactive in taking a positive approach in dealing with environmental issues.